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Chorus Portal system: e-Invoicing with the Public Administration in France


EDICOM SII   Electronic invoicing becomes compulsory as of January 2017 for large companies (more than 5000 employees) and all public institutions. However, Ordinance Nº 2014-697 allows for gradual adaptation to tax dematerialization, with the deadline extended up to 2020. The aim is to facilitate the migration of the thousands of suppliers working with Central and Regional Administrations in France.

EDICOM, with its track record in developing B2G projects with Public Administrations and acknowledged technological expertise, offers businesses the solution and knowledge necessary to make the transition to this new compulsory system a simple process.

Get to know the main points of the future e-invoicing system, designated Chorus Pro Portal 2017, in detail.

Download our White Paper on fiscal dematerialization in the public sector in France.