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Integral e-Procurement solution


EDICOM NHS Solution   The British National Health Service bases the development of its e-procurement platform on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) technology. Through this technology, suppliers and hospitals can exchange business, logistics and tax information, which is in their information systems.

EDICOM, as a major continental EDI service provider, offers British National Health Service (NHS) suppliers and hospitals an EDI solution 100% approved and ready to connect via GS1 or any PEPPOL partner.
    Start developing your NHS e-Procurement solution. EDICOM can support your company through all stages of implementation.


EDICOM NHS Solution: Features


Mapping module PEPPOL Network module GS1 Standard module
We translate the data generated by your ERP into the GS1 and PEPPOL standards demanded by the administration. The source language used (txt, csv, idoc, etc.) is not important, as our data transformation tool, “Edicom Mapping Tool”, lets you manage several data structures. Through our Public Administration HUB, as an Access Point accredited by PEPPOL, we connect to any British Public Health services.

With this platform, safe and direct exchange of transactions is achieved, centralizing communications with multiple partners from a unique data sending and reception point.
EDICOM has a Data Pool approved by GS1 to operate in the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) and fully guaranteed. We export the product data from your article master record and upload them to the NHS GS1 repository.

This way, synchronization is achieved between your article master and the NHS products database and automatically updated whenever you make any changes.


EDICOM Advantages   EDICOM, is a global leader providing cloud based B2B, B2G and B2C integration services, including cutting-edge Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), international e-Invoicing and Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) services. With a strong presence in Europe and EDICOM serves 14,000 clients in 86 countries.
    International Platform: The solution is totally scalable for other B2B2G projects anywhere in the world.  
    Centralizing operations: Control transactions from a single solution integrated with your central ERP.  
    High availability: Guaranteed 99.9% permanent service availability without crashes.  
    Certified platform: Platform prepared and certified to operate with any standard (GS1, PEPPOL, EDIFACT…etc.).  
    ASP-SaaS platform: Cut costs by operating in the cloud, avoiding in-house hardware and software.  


NHS e-Procurement handbook
Steps for successful rollout

This handbook reviews the most important technical and legal aspects of the NHS new e-Procurement model.

Are you ready for the technological leap? We are.

  NHS eProcurement Strategy Handbook