NHS GS1 Standards

Master Data Management Strategy


NHS GS1 Standard   The NHS e-Procurement platform leverages GS1 standards and GDSN network connectivity to create a repository identifying the products from all its suppliers. This way, manufacturers and suppliers can upload the data from their master product file through a GS1 Certified Data Pool.

The aim of the GS1 Master Data Management strategy is to identify all those products in a single repository, synchronized automatically and permanently with the suppliers.
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Main keys: GS1 Master Data Management strategy

1 Product identification 2 Company identification 3 Data generation 4 GDSN connectivity
Allocating a GTIN (GS1 product identifier) to products at each packaging hierarchy level. Allocating a GLN (Global Location Number) for each location in the company's organisational structure Preparing your internal system to generate data according to the GS1 standard. Uploading the product data via a GDSN Certified Data Pool.


EDICOMData   EDICOMData, is the electronic Data Pool developed by EDICOM to synchronize the flow of product master files between suppliers and distributors worldwide
    Certified Solution: GDSN Data Pool approved by GS1, accrediting us as a catalogue ready to connect with any of the others forming part of the GDSN network.  
    Data Validation:Outsourcing service for data validation according to the GS1 quality framework and NHS requirements.  
    Data Mapping: Automatic data transformation into the standard required by GS1 to operate in the GDSN Network.
    Data Integration:B2B data integration with the customer's information management system or directly to the Product Master system  


NHS e-Procurement handbook
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