PEPPOL Network: Purchase to Pay Platform


NHS Peppol Network   PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On Line), is a European non-profit organization. Its mission is to set up an electronic framework for Public Administrations and their Suppliers to automatically exchange transactions involved in the procurement process with administrations.

The Department of Health has chosen the PEPPOL network and its Standards as a basis for the messages that suppliers and NHS Trusts have to exchange during the purchasing process.
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Main Keys : NHS Peppol Network


1 Preparing internal systems 2 Transforming the data 3 Connection via Access Point
Suppliers must prepare their internal management system to extract the information required in the PEPPOL messages set out by the NHS. Suppliers must be able to transform the information into the PEPPOL standard. The messages involved in the e-procurement process are as follows:

  • Purchase Orders (PEPPOL BIS 3A);
  • Invoices (PEPPOL BIS 5A);
  • Advanced Shipping Notes (PEPPOL BIS 30).
Communications between suppliers and NHS Trusts services are carried out according to the protocols defined by PEPPOL. To this end, it is mandatory to use a PEPPOL-Accredited Access Point such as EDICOM.
EDICOM pulic administrations HUB   EDICOM has developed a platform that enables direct and secure exchange of documents with any public body that uses e-procurement processes with suppliers. EDICOM is part of the PEPPOL Network as an accredited Access Point.  
NHS e-Procurement handbook
Steps for successful rollout

This handbook reviews the most important technical and legal aspects of the NHS new e-Procurement model.

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  NHS eProcurement Strategy Handbook