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International Support Center

Preferenticla C.SC.

Our International Support Centre’s preferential service is provided by technical experts with proven experience in the management, maintenance and running of complex installations in multiple business sectors.

Preferential service is designed for those users with solutions integrated for average to high volumes, or who have an outsourcing service such as Edicom Global Outsourcing.

This service means that each client is assigned a set of dedicated technicians charged with continuous attention to the account users. The attention dedicated by these people through time allows us to acquire a degree of knowledge of each client’s solution, resulting in a swift response to any contingency, no matter how complex or specific.

Contracting an EDICOM solution in Outsourcing mode, or those designated "extended", gives direct access to preferential service. Likewise, the CSC preferential service can be taken up specifically regardless of the solution rolled out.

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