Global integration in the "cloud"
E-commerce platform in ASP-SaaS mode

EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform

Own Development Software

EDICOM, as a supplier of technological solutions for exchanging business data and documents, provides a powerful solutions infrastructure which includes our own software tools and applications, designed and continually updated by a team of qualified engineers.

Our software meets the needs of thousands of users around the world and enables rapid and intuitive management through user-friendly interfaces available in several languages, geared to the particular features of each sector and regional market or customer.

EDICOM software is optimized for use in service mode, so that all you need is an Internet connection to access it and start working from the biggest e-commerce platform in the market.

Ediwin XML/EDI Server

Ediwin XML/EDI Server is the client developed by Edicom to manage your EDI and Electronic Billing solution. It is a multi-standard application 100% integrable with the customers’ Internal Information Systems.

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Edicom Business Integrator

EAI (Enterprise Applications Integration) tool for integrating applications. Integrated in the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, it acts as a centralizing communications hub for the different tools involved in the customer’s ecommerce platform.

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Edicom Mapping Tool

Transformation software for multiformat data schemas. Lets you map messages in any standard, as well as the proprietary format of the source and/or target ERP.

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Electronic documents publisher for sending structured messages to business partners without an EDI solution.

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CRP Flow
CRP/VMI (Continuous Replenishment Planning/Vendor Management Inventory) software. Automates and optimizes the generation of business transactions on the basis of the information shared via EDI between customer and supplier.

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Key Benefits

  •  No hardware or software investments required
  • Permanent maintenance by dedicated skilled staff
  • Uninterrupted service operation
  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to completely outsource management of solutions through Edicom Advanced Services



80 % of e-banking customers to pay their bills by mobile in 2016

In the next few years, 80% of e-banking customers will be paying their bills through their mobile devices. According to a report from Juniper Research, cited in E-invoicing Platform on 7th August, transactions via mobile are set to grow from 185 million in 2011 to 550 million in 2016.