Advanced electronic signature services
Secure and confidential electronic transactions

Certification Authority


The electronic transactions of every type that we engage in with clients, banks, suppliers or public administrations are a reality involving millions of communications daily with trading partners worldwide.

Purchase orders, invoices, despatch advices, delivery notes, contracts, etc., are often sensitive and highly important transactions calling for different technologies to ensure security and integrity in the processes of creation, sending, reception and safekeeping of messages.

Through the EDICOM C.A. (Edicom Certification Authority) you can access a wide range of specific services to ensure the safety of all your communications. Services allowing the use of electronic documents in any field of activity, bringing you great benefits in terms of cost and management.

Issuing Certificates

Electronic certificate generation service

CRL Lists

OCSP Revoked Certificate Checking Service

Remote Electronic Document Signature

Digital Document Signature Services

Delegated Electronic Document Signature

Delegated signature service


Timestamping service for electronic documents

Certified Storage

Certified document safekeeping service