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Certification Authority

Certified Storage

EDICOM Certified Storage service lets you keep an electronic document archive subject to a checking and validation process, providing the digital file with the same guarantees and security as paper documents.

Documents submitted to certified storage processes may be originals created from the outset in electronic format, but also paper documents after a digital scanning process to enable their substitution by corresponding files with equivalent graphic images.

In some cases it is possible to destroy the original paper file after submitting the digitally scanned document to the certification process defined for this service, with the new electronic repository maintaining identical legal guarantees to the original and physical support. This is the case with invoices subject to Certified Digital Scanning in Spain, the NOM151 Preservation Service in Mexico or Conservazione Sostitutiva in Italy.

Certified Storage

Basic certified storage model

 1. The user makes a storage request, sending the documents for processing to EDICOM through their working environment in our EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform.

2. EDICOM Certification Authority receives the request and checks that it is complete. Access control based on the client's user name and password is applied and the request verified.

3. The Certification Authority’s Certified Storage Service signs the document and includes a timestamp. This way, anyone consulting the document as of this point can check its integrity from the exact time the certification process was carried out.

4. After the checking, signing and timestamping process, the document is placed in the repository for safekeeping and later consultation. Edicom maintains physical and logical security assurances in line with the standards set out in our certificate management systems in compliance with ISO 27001 and SAS70 Type II.