Advanced electronic signature services
Secure and confidential electronic transactions

Certification Authority

Edicom Certification Authority

EDICOM is a Certification Authority for Europe and Mexico, providing physical and legal persons with secure electronic identification mechanisms to enable them to engage in activities where electronic signature replaces the handwritten with identical legal guarantees.

Integrated in the service infrastructure supplied through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, it provides B2B e-commerce solutions with tools guaranteeing the integral, secure and confidential exchange of electronic messages.

These 3 conditions (security, confidentiality and integrity) are crucial in any business transaction with customers, suppliers, banks, government offices, etc. When commercial transactions are done electronically, these issues take on greater importance, often calling for the use of encryption techniques through electronic signature processes such as those provided through the EDICOM Certification Authority.

Digital Signature

Asymmetric electronic signatures are based on an e-certificate with a private key (known only to the user) and another which is public and may be given out. Briefly, the process would be as follows:

The issuer applies an algorithm to the e-document, obtaining a hash or digital fingerprint of the message. Any changes in the document will also modify the hash.

The hash is encrypted with the certificate's private key known only to the sender and the document is sent with the fingerprint encrypted.

The receiver uses the public key to decode the fingerprint. As only the keys of the original certificate can decrypt the files, if the hash is really obtained the document’s authorship or authenticity is confirmed.

The receiver applies the same algorithm as the sender to the document. They take the hash again and compare it with the decrypted one. If both fingerprints are the same, we conclude that the document has not been tampered with (its integrity is confirmed).

Electronic Certificates and Signature Services

Electronic certificates issued by the Edicom Certification Authority and their electronic signature services guarantee the origin, integrity and authenticity of business transactions