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How do we make Global EDI possible?

Own development software

Own development software
We have our own software developed in-house and an IT infrastructure able to provide international service with our technological resources. This way, we can provide all-round and solvent solutions with total technological independence.

B2B2G connectivity B2B2G connectivity
Through our communications network and thanks to several interconnection agreements, we are able to connect with any private or public partner (Public Administration and Organizations) ready to exchange EDI transactions such as orders, shipping advices, delivery notes or e-invoices, among others.
EDI Benefits Integration procedures Data integration technology
We are specialists in developing data integration systems in ASP - Application Service Provider mode. With this technology we can guarantee data transfer that is 100% compatible with any ERP on the market.
EDI benefits accuracy Certified solutions
Our solutions are prepared to serve in any region of the world. This statement is backed by various international accreditations certifying security in the international scope.
EDI Benefits Automation Ongoing updating
EDICOM’s B2B2G platform is permanently updated in the event of any modification made in your communications and/or transactions with private and public partners.
Qualified support Qualified support
EDICOM clients are supported by a 24x7 User Help Centre, run by IT engineers specialized in EDI technology and e-invoicing and especially selected to be able to assist our clients in their native language.

Service Level Agreement



EDICOM reaches a quality agreement for the service provided to customers based on three key variables.

  • 99'9% of Solutions Availability
  • Maximum incident resolution time
  • Updated software versions