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Region: Europe
Industrie: Travel

Avis was formed in 1946 when Warren E. Avis opened his first vehicle hire office “Avis Airlines Rent a Car Systems” at Willow Run airport in Detroit (USA). In 1948, the company changed its name to Avis Rent a Car and in 1965 expanded internationally, creating the division for Europe, Africa and the Middle East (Avis Europe), which recently incorporated the Asian continent.
Worldwide, Avis is present in 163 countries through its 4800 rental pints, hiring out over 15 million vehicles yearly. 


Avis has developed an electronic invoice sending solution that enables the processing of large document volumes. The client's e-Invoicing solution automates the process of creating and sending invoices, as well as signing them digitally through the EDICOM Certification Authority’s Delegated Signature service.  


Avis is part of EDICOMNet, one of the main trading partner communities for the exchange of electronic transactions in B2B environments.
The presence of Avis in EDICOMNet guarantees access to the vast majority of business partners, simplifying the sending and receiving of structured business documents (EDIFACT, X12, XML, UBL…) with full guarantees and maximum security.
Using EDICOMNet also ensures access to trading partners in other private networks, through the multiple interconnection agreements EDICOM maintains with the major Value Added Networks worldwide.