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Region: America
Industrie: Automotive

Nissan originally stemmed from the company Jidosha-Seido Ltd., founded in 1933 in Yokohama, Japan
The company signed a merger agreement with Renault in 1999 and now has a team of over 200,000 people working worldwide to manufacture some of the most widely known and used vehicles in all five continents. 

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Nissan has an XML/EDI solution in ASP - SaaS to exchange electronic data with trading partners. Outsourcing the solution through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform simplifies the process of creating, sending and receiving all these documents from the ERP, delegating the EDI technology infrastructure hardware, software and maintenance to Edicom.  


Nissan has an electronic billing platform that enables the sending and reception of large volumes of documents adapted to comply with current legislation at all times. This solution provides direct improvements by automating the management tasks of issuing, sending, receiving and recording most of their bills, which translates as significant cost savings through better management of administrative, filing, printing, enveloping and similar processes.