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Pierre Fabre

Region: Europe
Industrie: Pharmaceuticals

Pierre Fabre group, the third largest French pharmaceutical company, has made its Research & Development a key element for its differentiation and a driving force for its growth in the medical field.

Based on a very active partnership policy, the Pierre Fabre Group concentrates its resources on research and development of original molecules, whether natural, chemical or biological for therapeutic uses. 

EDI Document Publication

Pierre Fabre uses the Edicom document publication service through the Business@Mail solution. A solution that extends the XML/EDI platform to recipients who lack their own B2B electronic data interchange technology.  


Pierre Fabre utiliza o serviço de publicação de documentos da Edicom através da sua solução Business@Mail. Uma solução que estente a plataforma XML/EDI para aqueles destinatários que não possuem tecnologia de intercambio eletrônido de dados B2B.  

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Pierre Fabre has an XML/EDI solution in ASP - SaaS to exchange electronic data with trading partners. Outsourcing the solution through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform simplifies the process of creating, sending and receiving all these documents from the ERP, delegating the EDI technology infrastructure hardware, software and maintenance to Edicom.  


 Pierre Fabre is part of EDICOMNet, one of the main trading partner communities for the exchange of electronic transactions in B2B environments.
The presence of Pierre Fabre in EDICOMNet guarantees access to the vast majority of business partners, simplifying the sending and receiving of structured business documents (EDIFACT, X12, XML, UBL…) with full guarantees and maximum security.
Using EDICOMNet also ensures access to trading partners in other private networks, through the multiple interconnection agreements EDICOM maintains with the major Value Added Networks worldwide.