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EDI Platform Printemps


Region: Europe
Industrie: Retail

Printemps department stores are located in Paris, on the Boulevard Haussman. The company, a consumer goods retailer, also has other premises in France and trademarks outside France in cities like Seoul, Kuala Lumpur o Singapore.
Founded in 1865 by Jules Jaluzot, its name is closely linked to the city of Paris as one of the great exponents of Parisian culture and style.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Printemps has an XML/EDI solution in ASP - SaaS to exchange electronic data with trading partners. Outsourcing the solution through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform simplifies the process of creating, sending and receiving all these documents from the ERP, delegating the EDI technology infrastructure hardware, software and maintenance to Edicom.

Partner Web Portal

The Printemps XML/EDI solution has a web portal integrated with the ERP to facilitate the exchange of electronic business documents with partners who lack this type of technology. This way, Printemps maximises the B2B communications platform’s benefits, extending its use to the entire community of trading partners.


The Printemps B2B E-commerce solution integrates a specific platform for receiving legal electronic invoices. The integration and accounting process for incoming invoices is automatic, optimising the processes of registering, filing and processing the majority of accounts payable.

Integral Partner Management

Printemps delegou em EDICOM a criação de projetos de Onboarding para integração de novos interlocutores a sua plataforma de comunicações B2B. Através desse serviço, Printemps incrementou em muito pouco tempo o numero de interlocutores conectados a sua solução EDI, melhorando suas operações e gestão, que se traduz em rápidas e efetivas reduções de custos e melhores tempos de respostas de seus interlocutores.

Outsourcing EDI Service

Printemps has outsourced the administration and maintenance of its B2B communication solution through the EDICOM Outsourcing service.
This service delegates the EDI user tasks to specialist Edicom technicians who take care of partner maintenance, authorising new location numbers, parameterisation and management of new documents or permanently monitoring the system to guard against any possible errors and incidents.

Onboarding Service

Printemps has entrusted EDICOM to rollout Onboarding projects for the integration of new trading partners to their B2B communications platform.
Through this service, Printemps has quickly boosted the number of partners connected to the EDI solution, enhancing their operations and management, which translates as rapid cost reductions and better response times to trading partners.