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EDI Platform 3M


Region: Europe , America
Industrie: Manufacturers

3M is a US multinational dedicated to the research development manufacturing and trading of diversified technologies, supplying its customers with innovative products and services in different areas. Its products hold leading positions in the different markets where it operates: offers items, graphic image, electronics industry, public utilities and communications, health, medicine, industry, personal security, road safety and transport.Some of their prestigious trademarks worldwide are Scotch, Nexcare, ScotchBrite, Thinsulate and Post-it. The company dates back to 1902 in the city of Two Harbors, Minnesota, on the shores of Lake Superior, when five local entrepreneurs decided to jointly exploit a mine to extract abrasive minerals for industrial purposes. Today the company holds over 2200 patents and manufactures 55,000 products, thanks to a workforce of over 70,000 in manufacturing distribution and marketing. 

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

3M has an XML/EDI solution in ASP - SaaS to exchange electronic data with trading partners. Outsourcing the solution through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform simplifies the process of creating, sending and receiving all these documents from the ERP, delegating the EDI technology infrastructure hardware, software and maintenance to Edicom.  


3M has developed an electronic invoice sending solution that enables the processing of large document volumes. The client's e-Invoicing solution automates the process of creating and sending invoices, as well as signing them digitally through the EDICOM Certification Authority’s Delegated Signature service.  


3M is part of EDICOMNet, one of the main trading partner communities for the exchange of electronic transactions in B2B environments.
The presence of 3M in EDICOMNet guarantees access to the vast majority of business partners, simplifying the sending and receiving of structured business documents (EDIFACT, X12, XML, UBL…) with full guarantees and maximum security.
Using EDICOMNet also ensures access to trading partners in other private networks, through the multiple interconnection agreements EDICOM maintains with the major Value Added Networks worldwide.  

Partner Web Portal

3m simplifica la gestión y el tratamiento de la información comercial intercambiada con sus interlocutores comerciales a través de un portal web integrado con su ERP para automatizar el envío de facturas electrónicas a sus partners.
Este mismo servicio permite a la comunidad de interlocutores de 3m el envío de pedidos dirigidos a él, que igualmente son integrados en el sistema de gestión. 

Global Outsourcing

3M has outsourced the administration and maintenance of its B2B communication solution through the EDICOM Outsourcing service.
This service delegates the EDI user tasks to specialist Edicom technicians who take care of partner maintenance, authorising new location numbers, parameterisation and management of new documents or permanently monitoring the system to guard against any possible errors and incidents.