We are EDI technology leaders in the sector

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We are EDI technology leaders in the sector

Exchanging business information electronically has made great headway in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in recent years and is now a reality among the most significant sector vendors with some of their most important customers.

The challenge faced by the industry stems from the integration of this type of solutions among a wide variety of customers and suppliers of different features and sizes through electronic transactions. The inclusion of retailers such as chemists, drugstores, or pharmaceutical wholesalers in this kind of solution is now becoming a reality. EDICOM is ready with specific solutions that let you extend the benefits of EDI or Electronic Invoicing to these targets.


How do EDICOM solutions help me?

To integrate all the orders from my clients regardless of the format or standard they were created in.

  • By systems able to translate multiformat data structures into my ERP's own language.
  • Automating the reception, treatment and integration processes for any document received from secure and permanently monitored frameworks.
Solutions & Services:

Having a platform for issuing legal electronic invoices in line with my customers’ specifications.

  • Automating the generation of invoices from ERP data in the format required by different customers.
  • Signing my bills electronically through secure and recognised systems.



To receive 100 % of my customers’ orders electronically. 

  • Promoting EDI data interchange models with my customers through onboarding services for customer integration.
  • Integrating orders in my management systems by gathering data from web applications accessible to my clients via internet.


 Leaders in the development of EDI and electronic invoicing for the pharmaceutical industry