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EDI Academy – Web EDI


EDI Academy – Web EDI

EDI technology and XML communications are not exclusive to big businesses. In fact, one of the great advantages of this system is that it can be adapted to the particular needs of any business. In this issue of EDI Academy, we discuss Web EDI, a quick start-up modality at minimal economic cost, designed for companies exchanging low volumes of documents.

What is Web EDI?

Web EDI is an electronic document interchange system that lets you manage the creation, sending and reception of documents via private web portals. Solutions using this model are not integrated with the ERP or management system, so there is no need for any technical implementation. All you need to be able to handle communications this way is a simple Internet connection, which translates as immediate start-up and a full economic cost.

How does it work?

The way Web EDI works is quite simple. First of all, the user accesses a private secure web portal. From here, they can create the business messages they need by filling in a formula with the details. Once completed, the platform takes care of transforming the document into the standard required in each case and forwarding it to the recipient.

To streamline generation of messages, Ediwin Viewer, the Web EDI solution from EDICOM lets you generate documents on the basis of others. For example, it is possible to create e-invoices based on the orders received. This way, part of the process is automated, so the transaction is faster compared to traditional methods.

Ediwin Viewer software is also an efficient tool for receiving business messages. Operation is as simple as in sending. The EDICOM communications network takes care of routing the documents received and making them available to the user, who can manage them securely in the same web portal.

What are the advantages?

As occurs with any EDI solution, the main advantage of this technology is that it allows a fluid and secure exchange of messages between companies. This boost efficiency, simplifies transactions and increases the economic saving. But in addition, the particular benefits of Web EDI are as follows:

  • Adapting EDI technology to SMEs. It is an economical solution that requires no technical developments or complex installations, making it a perfect option for companies exchanging a low volume of business documents.
  • It is constantly updated. We’re talking about a solution in service mode, so the user doesn’t have to worry about version changes or new installations. Moreover, in the case of Ediwin Viewer, EDICOM ensures adaptation to any technological, operational or legal changes that may arise through time.
  • Available at any time and from any place. The big advantage of Web EDI is that all you need is an Internet connection to be able to create, send and receive commercial documents.
  • Stores messages securely. All documents received and sent are saved in the cloud with security guaranteed throughout the safekeeping period laid down by law. Thanks to this, there is no need to print them out or store them physically.

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