Electronic Data Interchange

Get Started with EDI

Did you know that over 85% of all electronic transactions worldwide use EDI technology?

The initials EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) stand for a firmly established technology in sectors such as retail, pharmaceuticals and the automotive industry. Ultimately, these are industries where the need to automate supply chain management-related communications has always been a priority.

In short, EDI is the key system for exchanging information between companies, enabling hundreds of thousands of companies to simplify their B2B2G management processes and ensure profitable trade relations between partners of any size, nationality or activity sector.

What is it? What benefits does it provide? How does it work? All these questions are answered in the following pages.

Key Benefits

  • No paper involved
  • Enhanced information processing
  • Cutting down processing and storage costs
  • Fewer errors
  • Automation of operations
  • Quicker response times
  • Integration of procedures between all trading partners