Global integration in the "cloud"
E-commerce platform in ASP-SaaS mode

EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform

Seamless Connectivity

EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, a global service infrastructure for promoting e-business models between companies, rolls out specific solutions to simplify connectivity for all users with their business partners (customers, suppliers, logistic operators, etc.) with whom they need to exchange business documents electronically on a daily basis.

This connectivity, as with the DPC (Data Processing Center) infrastructure included in the service, is provided in high availability through a redundancy system that keeps a duplicate of all the services in real-time and optimizes the processing load and response times in the event of any possible system failures.


 The connectivity services in the B2B EDICOM Cloud Platform operate in 3 directions:

User accessibility

This important set of technological resources is designed to facilitate access for clients and users of EDICOM solutions to the Cloud Computing platform. The service guarantees access to the web interfaces of the different applications running in the solution, simplifying administration of the different applications integrated in the client solution.

Management system integration

These are specific solutions for connection between your ERP or Internal Management System and the EDICOM B2B Cloud Computing platform. Rapid processing and transformation of multiformat structures is provided to enable full integration of the documents sent and/or received with the client’s back office.

Connectivity with partners

This involves a range of multiprotocol solutions through EDICOMNet, our global communications infrastructure with its own Private Network: EDICOMNet Community Partner. Our connectivity solutions with partners ensure the sending and receiving of any business documents, with total traceability, delivery verification and processing at their destination.


  • No investment in fixed hardware or software
  • System is overseen and maintained 24x7 by dedicated technicians
  • Accessible via internet from anywhere in the world
  • Permits the complete externalization of one’s B2B communication platform through Edicom Managed Services