Global integration in the "cloud"
E-commerce platform in ASP-SaaS mode

EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform

Data Processing Center

Our Data Center is designed under a high availability model based on the redundancy of all components and services.

In practice this means that both data centers are placed in distinct locations and operate in sync in order to replicate all data in real-time.

The design of each server or communications cluster is accomplished under an “active-active” configuration. This ensures that service is immediately duplicated before any one aspect of the platform goes out of operation. This reduces the recovery times required after any potential incident, from a single server outage, to the failure of an entire data center.



  • No investment in fixed hardware or software
  • System is overseen and maintained 24x7 by dedicated technicians
  • Accessible via internet from anywhere in the world
  • Permits the complete externalization of one’s B2B communication platform through Edicom Managed Services