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EDICOM Partner Program

EDICOM Business Partner

Develop your own business by marketing our technology

This program is designed to establish a close business relationship with companies that have a strong sales network and the technological capacity necessary to provide first level support to users of their solutions.

Collaborators immersed in the EDICOM Business Programme can supply our services and solutions, bolstered by the added value offered by our brand and commercial references, and include them in their product catalogue, acting to all intents and purposes as an official distributor of our products.

EDICOM Business Partner programme features

  •  Technical and commercial analysis of the market your company is active in, as well as your product features, to assess the complementarity of the two solutions.
  • Analysis of technological infrastructure and commercial capabilities to assess whether the applicant company’s customer support service meets the quality standards.
  • Analysis of the partner's product catalogue to determine which EDICOM technology services and products will be most suitable for the client's needs and profile.

EDICOM Business Partner programme benefits

  • Complementary products and services that bring added value to your business.
  • You can obtain commercial benefits derived from supplying our products as an official Edicom distributor.
  • Technical and commercial support for the duration of the collaboration.
  • Ongoing training programme on our products, both for the sales team and the technicians charged with providing customer support.
  • Support with commercial communication tools which help improve your company's brand image and encourage sales of its products.
  • Marketing and advertising actions by agreement in the international scope.



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