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EDICOM Partner Program

EDICOM Reseller Partner

Enhance the capacity of your solutions by integrating our EDI B2B and B2C technology


This is a collaborative initiative with a high degree of technological involvement from both parties, as it calls for a collaboration process beforehand among the technical teams from both companies, ending up in connectivity between the systems platforms of both parties.

EDICOM’s powerful data transformation technology offers Resellers the option of integrating specific components or solutions from Edicom into their own software (signature services, long-term storage, connection to our B2C communications platform, etc).

The result of this process is transparent communication between applications, delivering a product to the end user that to all intents and purposes acts as a proprietary solution from the partner.

By implementing our technology, the partner achieves a product with new and powerful functionalities, satisfying the needs of their customers and in many cases constituting a key factor distinguishing them from the competition.

EDICOM Reseller Partner programme features

  • EDICOM carries out a comprehensive study of the partner’s application or solution beforehand to determine its complementarity with our technology and define the resources needed for integration between the two technological infrastructures.
  • Starting up a technology integration project involves prior planning by our Project Management Department to draw up a schedule of working objectives, which must be accepted by both companies.

EDICOM Reseller Partner programme benefits

  • An ample catalogue of technology solutions for electronic data transfer developed exclusively by EDICOM.
  • Powerful technology infrastructure with 99.9 % availability guaranteed.
  • Collaborator support and help service.
  • Training programme on the workings of our technological solutions.
  • Marketing and advertising actions by agreement in the international scope.
  • Strategic alliance with a supplier with great brand recognition in the EDI technology market.

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