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A seamlessly connected structure

EDICOM is organized into 4 major internationally coordinated functional areas to give the best care possible to our thousands of customers and users.

This organization is geared to run uninterruptedly, allowing global service cover guaranteeing access to the solutions developed under the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The 4 main sections integrating the more than 200 professionals who make up Edicom are:


Made up of qualified technicians who offer continuous and personalized advice to the client, our Commercial Department is organized by sections that streamline the commissioning and launch of new projects. This division operates internationally among the different EDICOM branches, facilitating international corporate projects.


A team of qualified multinational engineers assume all the tasks necessary for the commissioning and development of the client's communications platform under the strict accuracy of project management.
The consultancy area of EDICOM is a guarantee of the success of your communications projects.

C.S.C. Customer Service Center

The CSC offers personal and permanent multilingual service to clients through an extensive team of qualified technicians, attending to and resolving all kinds of inquiries and incidents.

Our CSC is organized in accordance with maximum efficiency criteria


EDICOM constantly strengthens its R&D&i area, through prestigious IT and telecommunication professionals.

Attention to the present and future needs of our clients is guaranteed through our R&D&i Department. The area is structured into Systems and Development who explore any technological opportunity through the launch of new products or the continuous improvement of existing ones to strengthen their operability, security, speed, availability, etc.

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