Specialization is the base
Organizaed by industry to offer the best service



Specialization as a basis

EDICOM develops technological solutions, together with the most complete range of professional services, which guarantee success in your e-commerce projects for electronic exchange of data in key sectors such as retail, automotive, healthcare, logistics, and finance.

Business transactions processed through our EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform are sent and received, quickly and smoothly through full integration with internal systems of communications with customers, suppliers and any partner involved in your value chain

Our technicians and consultants are experts in their respective fields, and are able to advise you on the particular details of EDI in your sector, such as message standards, communication protocols, message chains etc.

From day one our team will become your number one technological partner because of our ability to adapt your communications platform to the needs of your business, ensuring efficient, cost effective, and rapid implementation.