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Transparency and efficiency for a complete integration

The automotive industry is one of the most experienced industries working with EDI. In the 1950 the Japanese automotive industry developed the “just in time system.” This system was subsequently adopted by all manufactures around the world. The system allowed the rapid integration of all the companies involved in the supply chain.

Different ways of working have been developed between final manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, and tier-two suppliers, but they all have a common denominator which is the necessity of permanently exchanging information electronically. The need and experience the automotive industry has with EDI communication has helped develop standardized languages such as X12, EDIFACT, VDA as well as different communication protocols for their transfer.

EDICOM is the technology partner of large automotive companies in the Industry. Our solutions and services ensure seamless communication and seamless connectivity to any partner in the sector regardless of particular data structures, or specific communication protocols such as OFTP and OFTP2.

How can EDICOM’s Solutions help me?

Integrate my processes with those of all my clients, whether they are final manufacturers or suppliers.

  • Systems capable of translating multi-format data structures to the companies ERP or Back Office formatted language
  • Provide tools that automate the generation and integration of data structures tailored to the distinct requirements of each customer.
  • Sharing real-time information to adjust the supply chain based on knowledge of current stock, receiving goods notifications, etc.
What Tools:

To ensure the sending and receiving of all my business documents electronically such as EDIFACT, X12, VDA, or files such as CAD / CAM.

  • Through communication tools that will auto generate orders in an EDI format from the information obtained at the Back Office or ERP
  • Providing to send orders quickly and at low or no cost to my suppliers, automatically and fully integrated with my system of management.

Provide B2B environments operating 24 hours from anywhere in the world.

  • By outsourcing my B2B communications platform provider and consolidated capacity for processing large batches of transactions worldwide.
  • Delegating the management of my solution for electronically exchanging data to a dedicated team that will manage and optimize the performance of my platform.
  • A team that specializes in technology and telecommunications will monitor your B2B solutions for 24 hours a day.

The fast, safe and profitable way to reach your partners