Leaders in EDI for Retail


Leaders in EDI for Retail

Retail is by far the sector which has most widely implemented the use of information technology for the electronic exchange of data today, integrating multiple business transactions such as orders, advanced shipping notices or electronic invoices to customers, suppliers, logistic operators and other partners involved in the supply chain.

The wide range of items, the heterogeneity in the profile of suppliers and customers, or the adoption of automated models for inventory management are some of the key factors that have made retail and distribution the highest in implementation of systems for electronic data exchange. EDICOM is one of the most established companies for ecommerce technology solutions for this sector in Europe, and the main supplier to some of the leading retailers in the world.

How can EDICOM’s Solutions help me?

Operate with any Retailer from a single communications platform

  • Using tools that can process messages in any standard (XML, EDIFACT, X12 ...)
  • Traffic routing of business documents in any communication protocol.
  • Developing a complete flow of transactions with any retailer, order, notice of issuance, acknowledgment, invoice ...

Automate the registration process from my ERP for all of my business transactions

  • Through tools that are able to translate data structures to any standard language and proprietary ERP format.
  • Ensuring the transmission and reception of my transactions through secure communication services.

Send my orders and/or invoices electronically, even to recipients who do not have an EDI solution.

  • A web portal for reviewing and downloading invoices in a secure and legal manner.
  • Through web portals where suppliers can record invoices addressed to me, thus facilitating seamless integration of these documents in my ERP.

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