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Inclusion of addenda boosts CFDI benefits

Inclusion of addenda boosts CFDI benefits 18/02/2014

As of January 1, the majority of taxpayers in Mexico must use electronic invoicing. Beyond fiscal obligation, many companies are taking advantage of this shift to CFDI as an opportunity to improve, modernize and optimize their management. One way to make the most of electronic invoicing is by inclusion of addenda.

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Chile approves compulsory introduction of Electronic Tax Document

Chile approves compulsory introduction of Electronic Tax Document 10/02/2014

The rollout of electronic invoicing has become a priority issue for the Chilean Administration. A few weeks ago, the Official Gazette published the law promulgating mandatory use of the Electronic Tax Document (DTE) for all taxpayers, with a three-year deadline. However, companies billing more than 100,000 UF must adapt to the new system before 1 November 2014.

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SAT extends CFDI migration deadline for some taxpayers

SAT extends CFDI migration deadline for some taxpayers 30/12/2013

The Omnibus Tax Ruling (RMF) for 2014 announces certain changes relating to the CFDI. The most notable is the three-month extension granted by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to some taxpayers to allow them to switch over to the new electronic billing schema.

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CFDI changeover deadline runs out in three weeks

CFDI changeover deadline runs out in three weeks 16/12/2013

As of 1 January 2014 all individuals and companies that bill more than 250,000 pesos annually will be required to issue their invoices as CFDI (Digital Tax Invoice via Internet). However, with barely 3 weeks left to go until this amendment to the Tax Code comes into force, there are still more than five million taxpayers who have not yet migrated to the new system.

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Deadline for Brazilian carriers to issue Electronic Invoice reached

Deadline for Brazilian carriers to issue Electronic Invoice reached 10/12/2013

From December 1, all companies providing transportation services in Brazil are required to bill electronically using the CT-e (Electronic Bill of Lading) document. This electronic billing system, which was mandatory as of the end of 2012 for major transport companies, now extends to other Brazilian companies that provide these services by any means of transport, including the distribution systems for certain products through channels such as gas or oil pipelines.

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AFIP launches online checking system for invoices and electronic authorization codes (CAE)

AFIP launches online checking system for invoices and electronic authorization codes (CAE) 05/12/2013

Argentina’s Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) provides a new web service connection to its invoice registration platform. With the rollout of this technology, EDICOM has developed a module in its e-billing solution that allows real-time checking of the invoices received, thus effectively assuring that they have been authorized by the AFIP.

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e-Invoicing and Brazil: What is the "Manifestação do Destinatário"?

e-Invoicing and Brazil: What is the 08/11/2013

The so-called NF-e «events» are processes that allow electronic documentation of certain information updating processes on an already issued NF-e. The Receiver Response (Manifestação do Destinatário) groups the events that allow NF -e receivers to process these updates. These events are integrated in Edicom’s tax invoice reception solutions and can be issued automatically on the basis of customized validation rules adapted to the needs of each receiver.

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Trusted CFDI issuing services

Trusted CFDI issuing services 07/11/2013

The issuance of a CFDI is a critical process that necessarily involves a PAC (Authorized Certification Provider) which stamps and certifies the invoice. This is a key process that requires a trusted provider to guarantee a reliable and fault-free service. Find out about the trusted services EDICOM provides for your CFDI issuing processes. Services that ensure uninterrupted certification of your invoice receipts and provide added value solutions to optimize your company's billing.

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NF-e version 3 gets the go-ahead

NF-e version 3 gets the go-ahead 28/10/2013

The Brazilian Tax Authority (Secretaría de Fazenda) recently announced the publication of NF-e version 3, which in the mid-term will come to totally replace the current version (NF-e 2.0).The announced changes, which come into force from December 2013, include important modifications affecting webservice communications, document validation processes and the XML file structure.

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e-Invoicing and Brazil: Nota Fiscal Electrónica or NF-e

e-Invoicing and Brazil: Nota Fiscal Electrónica or NF-e 23/10/2013

Billing processes in Brazil are subject to compliance with certain tax obligations involving the declaration of trading transactions to the Brazilian tax authorities. To this end, a system known as “Electronic Fiscal Documents” (Documentos Fiscais Eletrônicos or DF-e) has been defined, covering several online buying and selling procedures that taxpayers must follow depending on the nature of their business transaction. One of these documents is the NF-e or Electronic Invoice (Nota Fiscal Eletrônica), whose use is mandatory for practically all Brazilian companies when billing their products.

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