Above all, a Service Company
Advanced Technological Services for your B2B Platform


Services from Start to Finish

At EDICOM we remember that above all we are a service company and as such we designed our organization to participate actively and continuously in the rollout and promotion of B2B communications projects of all our clients.

Our long experience in developing systems for data exchange and integration has seen us grow into one of the largest market specialists for technological solutions such as EDI or Electronic Invoice. We operate in many sectors and provide solutions to some of the largest and most visible companies in their respective markets.

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Our action lines

  • Rolling out B2B e-commerce projects in the time frame agreed with the client, with expert advice and tailored management through our Project Management service
  • Guaranteeing availability of the technological resources deployed in our EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform through our constant monitoring and proactive management
  • Making our tools easy to handle for the users, answering queries and quickly dealing with incidents from our International Support Center.
  • Promoting the rapid rollout of B2B e-commerce solutions to our clients through Advanced Managed Services for total outsourcing of the administration and running of their e-business platforms.