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International Support Center

International Support Center

Preferenticla C.SC.

Our Preferential Service Center for International User Support, contains a set of technicians with proven experience in the management, maintenance and care of complex systems in many sectors of activity.

Preferred Service is designed for users with integrated solutions for medium and high volumes, or who have a fully externalized service such as Edicom Outsourcing Service.

This service allocates to each client a dedicated group of technicians who are responsible for continually serving users of the account.

The attention given by the same technicians over time, leads to in-depth knowledge of each client’s solution, and results in a rapid response to any contingency, however complex it may be.

Implementing an EDICOM Outsourcing, or so-called "extended" solutions, gives direct access to preferential service. However, preferential service is always available after a proposal from the Commercial Department.

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international support center

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