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Managed Services

Outsourcing as a strategic option

Outsourcing technology, traditionally associated with the outsourcing of hardware and software resources has been generally conceived as a way of reducing business costs through the company's full commitment to activities that are part of their "Core Business ."

The possibility of outsourcing the processes associated with managing and maintaining these resources has extended this concept of outsourcing, making today a strategic choice that helps drive increased focus and value.

Through EDICOM, you can access a range of advanced managed services to a confident partner. All the way from the daily management and monitoring of the platform, all the way to the human actions necessary to achieve maximum partner commitment, and ROI.

Global Outsourcing

Total outsourcing of tasks associated with maintaining your data integration solution

Onboarding Projects

Management service for incorporation of business partners in your B2B project

Integral Partner Management

Outsourcing the tasks of permanent and ongoing attention to all your business partners


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Managed Services

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