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Onboarding Projects

Often, B2B communications projects focus their attention on the technology components. Platforms, formats for documents, communications protocols, etc.., take center stage, leaving in second place the necessary arrangements for the rapid integration or connection of partners.

The tasks associated with management (integration of partners) require more time and effort, and are ultimately what will determine the success of any project of B2B ecommerce.

The greater number of trading partners with whom you exchange documents(customers, suppliers, logistics, etc..), the more benefits you get in terms of reduced costs and improved operations.

Our Partner Onboarding Service implements projects to integrate key partners. This service takes an active role in onboarding partners and involves performing a series of actions to link them to your communications platform, thereby quickly increasing the number of transactions conducted electronically.

Edicom Onboarding Projects

To follow the evolution of the efforts with your partners, and assess the level of success, we enable collaborative tools accessible via the web, from which you can monitor in real time the progress of the efforts of our team.

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Onboarding Web Tool

Onboarding project phases

  • Schedule: Planning project, finalizing partners, defining phases, identifying actions
  • Technological Partner Status: Obtaining Knowledge of Technological status of the trading partners
  • Partners with technological solution: Carry out tests, provide support DURING the trial phase.
  • Partners with no technological solution: Inform them about the project, provide technical documentation and list the various solutions available to them.
  • Partners Database: Carry out a detailed follow-up with each partner and record via the EDICOM Onboarding WebTool