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Technical Consultancy

The Edicom technical consulting department has a dedicated team of qualified engineers of different nationalities who, from a strict project management perspective, roll out the client's project once the specific needs and scope are defined.

Our Edicom technical consulting team acts in coordination with expert analysts and special project managers, taking all the steps necessary to launch each client's project in line with the operational designs and terms set out in the previous phases.

Every time we approach a new project, a working team is formed including a Project Head and a given number of junior and senior consultants, depending on the specific needs of each solution.

As soon as rollout of one of our solutions is closed, the rigorous project management working process kicks off, generally including the following phases:

Needs analysis and data gathering
Developments (data transformation maps, reports, automations, adapting objects and processes…)
Basic Installation
Individual trials
Cycle testing


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