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Communications via OFTP2

The protocol OFTP (Odette File Transfer Protocol) was originally designed for data exchange between partners of the automotive sector in Europe.

Today, it remains the most widely used communication protocol in the industry, and is used by most European car manufacturers to exchange transactions with all suppliers. The latest version of the protocol is identified as OFTP2, and provides a number of security features for secure data exchange over IP networks.

The OFTP2 protocol will be incorporated into most of the automotive companies beginning in 2010. This will mark the final transition phase for this new protocol.

Edicom OFTP Server Characteristics

The service for sending and receiving of messages by OFTP is done through our EOS service (Edicom OFTP server), which allows the exchange of messages according to OFTP versions 1 and 2.

Access to EOS can be done in service mode, through the interconnection VAN service EDICOMnet.

OFTP Server Advantages

  • Full availability: Use the Internet as a communications channel, ensuring full service availability anywhere in the world.
  • Exchange EDI & CAD: Edicom OFTP Server allows the exchange of EDI structured transactions and technical documents (CAD / CAM / CAE) quickly and safely.
  • Cost: A lower transfer time, and using the Internet rather than analog phone lines, allows for a drastic cost reduction over OFTP1 and other protocols.
  • Reliability: Edicom OFTP Server is able to restore the data transmissions that have been processed. This allows for encryption of data using asymmetric cryptography and verification of origin and integrity of information by electronic signature.