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Global Interoperability

EDICOMNet Interoperability

EDICOM's objective is to become a global provider of technology services and solutions for B2B communications exchange. Part of this required that we reach agreements and interconnectivity with all the major international VAN’s. This would ensure that all of our users of EDICOMNet would have global communication capabilities with their customers, suppliers and any other partners.

These interconnection agreements or "gateways" (bridges) are created were created with a rigorous criteria. They can only be developed with networks that can guarantee a secure exchange of data according to the terms and conditions outlined in our Safety Management System of Information guide, and that they follow the standard ISO27001.

ISO 27001 de Seguridad de la Información

Electronic documents managed by EDICOM, are preserved in compliance with Personal Data Protection laws.

Furthermore, EDICOM has an Information Security System in compliance with standard UNE-ISO/IEC 27001:2007, and a continuous control system according with ISAE 3402 TYPE II