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EDICOM Network

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EDICOMNet?

EDICOMNet operates as a single gateway to a set of tools and communication services that will facilitate connection to any 3rd party.

These tools integrate EDICOM Value Added Network services, connectivity to government (public agencies, municipalities, customs, etc..), and systems for point to point connection through protocols such as AS2 or OFTP.

Do I need to install software to access EDICOMNet?

To operate EDICOMNet you only need a mailbox in the Value Added Network EDICOM. You'll have access to different EDICOM connectivity services, and can exchange data easily and seamlessly with your business partners without having to worry about implementing complex protocols, or any special needs demanded by your customers, suppliers, logistics operators, and so on.

What I can exchange with my partners through EDICOMNet?

EDICOMNet implements its own VAN (Value Added Network) services, including interconnection with the world’s other tier 1 value-added networks. Among the thousands of companies connected to our VAN, are some of the most iconic companies in sectors such as retail, consumer goods, hospitality, automotive, healthcare, logistics and transport ...

All this, coupled with our connectivity services to-peer (AS2, OFTP, etc.). EDICOMNet makes an infrastructure that can open the door to virtually any participant that needs to exchange business documents.

Do I pay for every message sent or received through EDICOMNet?

The rate for a mailbox in EDICOMNet assumes a connection with a monthly flat fee. All traffic exchanged between their partners through our network is included in your monthly fee and involves no cost per message or character.

How do I get messages in my mailbox in EDICOMNet?

EDICOMNet is a multiprotocol network, meaning your messages can be transferred by whichever means are more convenient to you. If you subscribe to integrated electronic exchange of data through our software EDIWIN XML / EDI Server, we assume the configuration of a Web Service that ensures safe and fast access to EDICOMNet for sending and receiving all commercial transactions.


  • Over 100,000,000 transactions exchanged annually via EDICOMNet
  • More than 10000 businesses connected to the EDICOMNet Value Added Network
  • Direct link to the world's major retailers and (Harrods, Wal-Mart, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo, Mercadona...).
  • Multiprotocol Network: Web Services, https, OFTP, AS2.
  • Flat Rate: Our clients can exchange unlimited messages between EDICOMNet business partners
  • Private network with higher-level security