Connectivity guarantee
EDICOMNet connects with your trading partners

EDICOM Network


Under the name EDICOMNet we bring you the most complete communications infrastructure to make sending and receiving document easier, independently of protocols, receivers, countries or sectors, etc.

EDICOMNet is set up as an integral service for critical data transmission in B2B environments, guaranteeing that electronic transactions and other business documents reach their destination properly with delivery fully guaranteed and through secure channels, ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the messages exchanged.

Edicom Value Added Network (VAN)

EDICOMNet Value Added Network.



Communications Via AS2

Point-to-point link between AS2 servers.



Communications Via OFTP

Odette File Transfer Protocol

 EDICOMNet Global Interoperability 

Interconnection with the main B2B networks


  • Over 100,000,000 transactions exchanged annually via EDICOMNet
  • More than 10000 businesses connected to the EDICOMNet Value Added Network
  • Direct link to the world's major retailers and (Harrods, Wal-Mart, El Corte Inglés, Carrefour, Alcampo, Mercadona...).
  • Multiprotocol Network: Web Services, https, OFTP, AS2.
  • Flat Rate: Our clients can exchange unlimited messages between EDICOMNet business partners
  • Private network with higher-level security