Vendor Management Inventory
Optimize stocks rolling out VMI

Provisioning Management

Data analysis and demand forecasting

Sales and stock information received by the supplier must be processed by specific data analysis and demand estimate applications.

These systems allow a detailed analysis of the information exchanged with the client, while also taking into account the statistics recorded in the ERP or internal management system for studying archives, or comparing the supplier’s internal data with those sent via EDI by the customer.

With all these records, the data analysis and demand forecast system applies mathematical algorithms to fit each particular customer and supplier situation, allowing a survey of product needs at point of sale in the short and mid term.


VMI Flow

VMI FLOW is the tool developed by EDICOM to analyse data from EDI messages or the internal management system. 

The application can process data from advanced mathematical models to estimate the distributor’s supply needs from the records, such as:

  • Sales record archive, consumption rates, stockouts, shrinkage...
  • Any promotions that might constitute points of demand at different times.
  • Examining schedules to estimate increases or decreases in the demand expected due to seasonality issues.
  • Product expiry dates
  • Transport capacities
  • Storage capacity at destination
  • ...etc...


  • No more stockouts
  • Fewer inventories in customer and supplier warehouses
  • Optimum planning and use of resources in product production and delivery
  • Shorter provisioning times
  • Cutting operational and financial costs
  • Increased sales