Vendor Management Inventory
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Provisioning Management

Purchase Orders

The data analysis and subsequent demand forecast over time must be specified in the listed shipment of goods to the distribution point.

To do so, the aggregate consumption forecasts for partial product shipments must be specified to meet the demand from end customers over time.

EDICOM VMI FLOW, from the demand forecast results, issues purchase orders or despatch advices which are processed and sent via EDI to inform customers in advance of product shipments to be sent.

Aspects to take into account when making up purchase orders

  • Product expiry dates of perishable goods.
  • VMI negotiation templates agreed with the customer, adjusting supply orders in line with the conditions set with the distributor.
  • Making up minimum supply units.
  • Arranging shipping capacities, enabling preparation of supply orders for combined products to optimize freight.
  • Capacity record of different productive resources, to process orders for delivery to meet the demand estimated from existing product stock in the supplier warehouse and the average production term of new units.


  • No more stockouts
  • Fewer inventories in customer and supplier warehouses
  • Optimum planning and use of resources in product production and delivery
  • Shorter provisioning times
  • Cutting operational and financial costs
  • Increased sales