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Edicom’s VMI solution requires a specific start-up suite with specific EDI software for exchanging business information, demand forecasting systems for product supply planning and automation of supply orders.

The solution consists of rolling out an EDI system integrated with the ERP or internal management setup through our EDIWIN XML/EDI Server. Additionally, we include our VMI FLOW tool in your solution, using sophisticated demand forecast models which take into account all relevant aspects such as safety stocks, minimum orders, load optimization, seasonality or occasional product promotions.

This solutions package works totally transparently for the user in service mode, and is hosted in our Data Center through the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, so you don’t have to assume costly hardware or software installation and maintenance processes.


VMI Flow

Demand forecast analysis solution

Automating purchase orders


Ediwin XML/EDI Server

ERP-integrated service mode application