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VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

VMI negotiation template record: lets you record the key parameters of the agreement reached with the customer, to be taken into account when planning orders to adjust them to the service requirements agreed.

Setting up logistic units: Allows recording of minimum logistic units, safety stocks, delivery planning, transport capacities, etc.

Work calendar-based scheduling: Identifying the working calendars of the intermediary warehouses and points of sale lets you adjust your order proposals to provide service on working days.

Point demand forecasting: Lets you insert variables such as seasonal sales or promotions that result in increased consumption at peak times, to set precise production and delivery schedules.

Implementation of multiple VMI models: Lets you define different delivery models ranging from the point-to-point approach (one despatch point for products and one destination point) up to complex models taking into account the presence of multiple production centers, logistics platforms, intermediary distribution centers and occasional store-to-store deliveries.

Multiple demand focus algorithms: Different mathematical models may be used to achieve maximum fit with the particular features of each product or market.

Full integration with the ERP and your EDI solution: Seamless integration with internal management system and your EDI solution, allowing the recording, sending and automatic processing of purchase orders, despatch advices, etc.

VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

VMI Flow

VMI Flow is a Supply Chain optimization solution, that allows to implement ECR systems (Efficient Consumer Response)