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VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

VMI FLOW sets out from the electronic information exchanged between client and supplier (usually through the use of EDI systems), which includes details on consumption, rotation of products and stocks at point of sale through sales reports or inventories.

The information exchanged is integrated into VMI FLOW after a mapping or transformation process letting you extract relevant data from the reports for use in the forecast analysis. The analysis uses complex mathematical algorithms taking into account consumption patterns, rotation, production capacity and delivery times to determine goods delivery forecasts.

The end result is the drafting of specific order proposals to meet the demand forecast obtained. Once these proposals are confirmed, the EDICOM VMI solution, integrated with the Electronic Data Interchange - EDI solutions, makes up the final orders for delivery which can then be printed out, exported in flat format or transmitted via EDI through secure communication protocols.

VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution
VMI Flow – Demand forecast analysis solution

VMI Flow

VMI Flow is a Supply Chain optimization solution, that allows to implement ECR systems (Efficient Consumer Response)