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EDICOM Air: e-Air waybill solution

e-Freight system

An initiative developed by IATA (International Air Transport Association), designed to replace paper in air freight cargo operations with a new system based on electronic data interchange.

The e-Air Waybill provides airlines, freight forwarders and customs authorities with one standard for the automatic electronic exchange of standardized freight documents, at any airport worldwide operating under the new e-freight system.

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EDICOM is working with IATA to develop the Cargo XML system.

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A global platform that deploys EDI technology (Electronic Data Interchange) for electronic issuance of all documents involved in the exchange of information in air freight cargo operations. The EDICOM e-Air Waybill solution is certified by the IATA as a valid international platform to connect with airlines, forwarding agents and customs at any airport adapted to the new electronic system.


e-awb Internacional The system’s international scalability involves participation of the customs authorities to regulate the process and the documents to be declared in freight operations. EDICOM has developed the Public Administrations HUB, a communication module that links up directly and securely with the customs of each country signed up to the IATA model.


e-AWB Tecnología EDI Through the use of EDI technology (Electronic Data Interchange) to exchange transport documents, we achieve a universal electronic data transfer system. The EDICOM e-Air Waybill platform automates the creation of all freight documents by applying the set standard (XML), relieving businesses of the burden of paperwork.


e-AWB Conectividad Documents are sent to their destination via private communication networks with high security levels to ensure delivery of the documents. EDICOMNet is a powerful EDI communications infrastructure that allows direct and secure data exchange between freight operators, airlines and customs authorities, providing real-time traceability on the status of their documents.



  • Costly traditional management of documents on paper is eliminated.
  • Costs are cut considerably by doing away with printing and traditional sending by post.
  • Document processing and delivery times are notably reduced.
  • The new system provides document traceability, letting us check at any time if they have been received successfully, and the status they are in.
  • Security and confidentiality of the data exchanged via private communications networks are enhanced with the electronic system.
  • Standard project of international scope, valid to exchange documents under the same schema in any region of the world.



EDI as a tool for change for the shipping and port industries

The use of standards like EDIFACT, X12, SML, etc., lets all the parties involved exchange transactions through secure message transmission designed for automatic integration in management systems.