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Electronic Data Interchange

Order Integration

Creating, sending and follow-up of supply orders generated by the purchasing departments involves dedicating important technical and human resources to processing the orders to suppliers in the right time and format.

For suppliers, the interpretation and typifying of these orders in the internal management system entails a large amount of work to be done by the commercial and administration departments of the vendor companies.

In any case, we are talking about critical operations both for buyers and suppliers, since at the end of the day they all depend on the provision of an efficient and high quality service to end customers of both parties.


If you are issuing purchase orders

  • You record your order to the supplier only once in your ERP
  • We take the order details and transform them into the agreed standard
  • Our applications recognize the receiver in the electronic document structure and automatically send it to the supplier through secure channels
  • You receive automatic notification that your order has been received and processed at destination
  • If there are any problems, or more time than expected passes in dealing with your supply order, you receive notification and alerts telling you about the situation.

If you are a supplier

  • You receive the orders from your customers in your EDI solution
  • Here, they are automatically transformed into a data structure that your ERP can import
  • Your order data are integrated into the management system and ready for processing.


  • Eliminate the use of paper in your business transactions
  • Improved information processing
  • Reduced administrative and operational costs
  • Reduced response times
  • Increased profitability



EDI as a tool for change for the shipping and port industries

The use of standards like EDIFACT, X12, SML, etc., lets all the parties involved exchange transactions through secure message transmission designed for automatic integration in management systems.