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Business@Mail – Data Publication Online

Optimized solution for electronic invoicing and EDI: Publishing Business Documents in Business@Mail, you can make send all your electronic transactions to any party, even when there is no technological solution for integrating EDI messages. This allows extensive use of your ecommerce solution, benefiting from the advantages of these technologies in terms of cost and safety

Global e-Invoicing Projects: Business @ Mail supports multiple electronic signatures, so it supports publishing documents of all kinds. Business Mail can make sure all your revenue comes electronically to 100% of your customers, regardless of the specific legal and technical requirements, or country of destination.

Immediacy and Security: Automatic processes for online publishing allow your documents to be published almost simultaneously with their generation in the ERP, ensuring immediate delivery. The communication protocols used in this publication are safe, and not sent by unsecured email, ensuring the effective delivery of the document.

Total Control:The sender is aware at all times the status of their published documents. When a user accesses, or neglects to check the platform for a prolonged period of time, you get acknowledgments of response that can be integrated into the customer management system, knowing at every moment the state of your business transactions at their destination.

Better Management for the receiver: It provides great benefits to recipients of documents by eliminating paper, providing documents immediately, and enabling import options for structured files

Electronic Filing:The documents are published for the legally established period, which is especially useful in the case of invoices, which are made available to the recipient during this time period. This prevents the recipient from having to print and store paper documents, because these electronic files are fully legal, and guaranteed by advanced electronic signature.

Free for receiver: This service is free for the receiver; they bear no cost for helping you gain the highest return on investment from your ecommerce platform.

Business@Mail – Data Publication Online


Universal electronic documents Publisher, to send structured data messages, and not structured documents to receivers without B2B solution.