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Business@Mail – Data Publication Online

Integrated system: Business@Mail is a solution integrated in the sender’s EDI or Electronic Billing setup, extending communications projects with business partners to recipients who have no technological solution for automatic processing.

Publication of all types of documents: Allows publishing of structured documents (EDIFACT, X12, FacturaE, UBL, etc.), unstructured documents or graphic images sent with auto-generated messages or online by the system after analyzing the structures of the data.

Electronic Signatures: Allows publishing of documents with electronic signature, making it ideal as a system of legal electronic invoicing.

Notices to the receiver and ACK or acknowledgment to the sender: The recipient of the documents regularly receives notices informing of the availability of documents, with a link in the body of the mail that gives direct access to them. Similarly, the issuer, controls at all times the status of their communications through various options.

Receiving multiple publishers: A single recipient may receive documents of different issuers on a single Busines@Mail environement

Secure Access: Access to the system is safe with username and password, and guarantees the confidentiality of communications between sender and receiver.

Secure storage and legal compliance:The published documents remain in Business @ Mail for the period established by law, with all the safety requirements established to ensure the recovery of these at the request of the parties, or any legal authority for auditing purposes.


Business@Mail – Data Publication Online


Universal electronic documents Publisher, to send structured data messages, and not structured documents to receivers without B2B solution.