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Business@Mail – Data Publication Online

The ERP or issuer's internal computer system connects to the Web Services or EDI Solution Electronic Billing EDICOM, transferring data from paper to publish in a given proprietary format.

After receiving the data, different applications integrated in the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform perform the data mapping on the received file to generate the document for publication. In the case of electronic invoices, Edicom’s, as certification authority, is able to apply fully legal digital signatures to your documents, thereby guaranteeing authenticity, and integrity.

If the recipient of the messages has no technological solution for electronic invoicing and EDI, we proceed to the publication of the document in BUSINESS @ MAIL. It automatically sends a notice informing the recipient of the availability of documents addressed to him.

The user connects to www.businessmail.net, and accesses their documents by entering a username and password. Any action you take on these documents (or failure to perform actions on them) generates responses or alerts directed to the issuer that can be integrated into your management system in order to monitor the status of various transactions.

Business@Mail – Data Publication Online
Business@Mail – Data Publication Online


Universal electronic documents Publisher, to send structured data messages, and not structured documents to receivers without B2B solution.