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Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Editing screen: Enable multiple edit forms for processing invoices, shipping notices, orders…

Customized Screens: There are forms adapted to the requirements of the major distributors for fast processing and as messages such as invoices, shipping notices, etc..

Logistics Label: Allows the generation of bar code labels for identification of packages from issuing notices.

Error checking:Enables control systems to ensure proper construction of messages (required fields, message structure, identification of logical operational points, etc.)..

Automated Construction: EDIWIN VIEWER implements automated processes for generating Shipping Notices and Invoices from the received order data, eliminating the need to enter all of the data manually.

Electronic signature of documents: Supports multiple electronic signature protocols, making it the perfect solution on which to base your global einvoicing projects

Multi Standard: EDIWIN VIEWER is a multi-standard software capable of processing multi-data structures for both sending and receiving (EDIFACT, X12, XML, ODETTE, UBL,...).

GDSN Catalog Management: Includes specific editing screens to let you manage publication and subscription processes for articles in the GDSN network through EdicomData.

Ediwin viewer – Web Edi Tool

Ediwin viewer

 High-performance quick start-up EDI Web system for creation, sending and reception of structured XML/EDI documents.