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Global Data Synchronization Network

EDICOMDATA GDSN The GS1 proposal functions on the basis of exchanging and synchronizing structured information in XML format between electronic data catalogues that serve as repositories of the information.


GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network) enables rules and interchange processes for the information residing in the Data Pools interlinked worldwide. This way, information on a product listed in a catalogue or data pool is shared with the whole network.

GDSN network components

GPC (Global Product Classification)
Worldwide product classification that brings the information on products together uniformly under the same criteria.
Electronic data catalogue (Data Pool)
Repositories of structured information on products, connected to the data synchronization networks to be able to share information with any trading partner.
Global Registry GS1
Worldwide record of all references of products published in the GDSN network through the different approved Data Pools.


Certified Data Pool


Data Pool GDSN approved by GS1, accrediting us as a catalogue ready to connect with any of the others forming part of the GDSN network.