Data Sync Solution                                                                         Extend your catalogue to your whole commercial network


Who publishes information?

GDSN PUBLISHERS Product suppliers and manufacturers publish the information on the commercial references automatically in the electronic data catalogues shared in real-time with their trading partners.

EDICOMData GDSN Publishers

Publishing Process

  • UPLOAD: Publisher users, through a data entry process, upload their product data and company information to the Data Pool.
  • REGISTRY: The Data Pool publishes Basic information on each product in the Global Data Registry, where it is kept stored and available for subsequent subscription by the subscriber users.
  • AUTHORIZATION: During the registration process carried out by the publisher, they must define a list of the distributors who will be able to ask for information on their products via the GDSN network. In effect, this means drawing up a list of authorized subscribers. After this action, both product data platforms are synchronized to share their data in real-time.

Certified Data Pool

Certified Data Pool

Benefits for Publishers

  • Time: Product data updated in real-time.
  • Availability: Updated product information available at point of sale.
  • Costs: Savings on management costs by automating product data sending processes.