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GDSN: Who subscribes to the information?

Subscriber users are product Distributors who take advantage of the data synchronization technology to access homogeneous and updated information in real time on the products from their suppliers.

EDICOMData GDSN Suscribers

Subscription Process

The subscriber user, through a specific data form, subscribes to receive information on the products of one or several publisher users.

At this point, EDICOMData offers multiple segmentation possibilities, as the application allows you to filter the subscription according to different parameters (publisher, sector, product family, geographic region...etc).

The subscription request is sent to the GDSN network to be processed and the subscriber data and their subscription requests are forwarded to the publishers selected.

After the subscription request, the publisher user receives the user data and can issue a message confirming receipt of the information and, therefore, the synchronization of both data pools.

This is an optional message type that publisher users can implement to certify that the whole process has been carried out correctly. However, it is not indispensable, since the synchronization of both platforms takes place as soon as the subscription request is submitted.

Certified Data Pool

Certified Data Pool


  • Automation: Automatic updating of article features and new references.
  • Precision: Removal of language or cultural barriers by classifying products under the same criteria (different weights and measures systems, etc.).
  • Commercial Activity: More effective point-of-sale promotions thanks to updated product data.